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Post by ashes13 on Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:47 pm

We go by a "No BS" policy. You will receive a warning depending on if it warrants it. If you do not warrant a warning you are immediately banned. (How long of a ban you receive will depend on your offense)
Also, we tend to take care of things out in the open. Sometimes we will PM you, most of the time we wont. We aren't going to hide what we're doing. You've been warned.

1) - Please respect your fellow forum members. Being a snob isn't bannable (unless of course you take it too far) but no one wants to be in a community full of jerks. (This includes racial comments etc)

2) - Respect the moderators/administrators and team members. The team members themselves (excluding the team members who are also forum staff) do not have the forum powers to ban you etc. However, the forum staff will not put up with you harrassing or disrespecting the team. What the mods/admins say is the law. No ifs, ands, or buts. Remember that.

3) - Swearing isn't bannable, but please try to keep it on the downlow. With respect comes watching what you say.

4) - If you just HAVE to troll, keep it in the off topic section. Trolling anywhere outside of the off topic section will get you in trouble. If you are trolling on an off topic forum and the thread creator asks you to stop or remove your posts, do so. Otherwise a moderator will have to deal with your sorry excuse of a life.

5) - Do not spam or harass members/threads. Also avoid going off topic. (If the thread creator is ok with it, we will leave off topicness be)

6) - Please make sure that when you are posting that there are no other posts about the exact same thing and that you are posting in the right section. We will delete and move mistakes, but this is something that you could easily avoid by just looking around a bit.

7) - Please do not advertise. If you want to talk about your YouTube channel or your deviantART or something, that's fine. If you come here trying to sell a product, good luck.

8 ) - Do NOT link or post any explicit material such as porn.

9) - Do NO link or post any illegal or pirated material. We don't want any of that here.

10) - If you aren't a mod, admin, or team member, don't act like one. Simple as that.

11) - if you just HAVE to talk about politics or religion, take it to the off topic section. Keep it out of the other sections INCLUDING the chat box.

All rules above apply to the chat box as well, don't try to push us.

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