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The Association

Post by Ilikenoodles on Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:16 am

Hello! I posted this once on one of the previous forums. God knows which one. I'm rewriting it now, not copy/pasting.

Essentially, the idea is that no one will know who else is in or using The Association. It's a safe way to get things done, without getting your precious hands dirty or there being a way to trace the job back to you. The client (you) contacts The Association (us), we take your money, get a cut of it, and use the rest to hire someone to complete your mission. The individual or organisation completing your contract won't know who hired them, and you won't know who you hire through us (The Association).

Usually, we (The Association) will hire other groups or people to complete your mission, but occasionally members may take care of contracts themselves, in order to make more money. But, we guarantee that the individual you contacted first, in order to hire us (The Association) will not take care of your contract. So, you still don't know who you hired, and the hiree won't know their actual employer.

This system keeps everyone safe. To recap, you want someone killed. You don't want to get your hands dirty. You could hire some regular thugs, but that leaves loose ends. You hire us (The Association). We take your money, extract a fee for using our services, and use your money to hire someone. That someone completes the mission successfully, everyone's happy, and everyone is clean.

To go more in-depth on how this will work: There will be select individuals who are publicly known as members of The Association. These members are the contacts. If someone wanted a job done, or someone wished to join our little club, you'd talk to them. They would pass on the money and information (exluding your identity) to an informer. The informers are the people who have the missions on record, and hand them out to members of The Association to find people to take care of them, unless the member wishes to take care of it themselves. The member then takes the information, hires someone, be it an individual or an organisation, makes sure it's definitely taken care of, and send the mission complete back along to the informer, who informs the contact, who informs the client.

A more in-depth look at positions:

Contacts: Being a contact is the most high-risk position in The Association. Your identity is not really hidden, but it's not necessarily easy to find you. The thing keeping you safe, is probably the fact that you're are backed up by a very rich, powerful organisation. If you are killed, most of our resources will be dedicated to avenging you. Considering that, contacts recieve some of the best pay in The Association.

Requirements: B ranked shinobi skills (for your own good). An excesive amount of charisma and communication skills. Total disregard for your safety.

Informers: Being an informer is one of the safest position in The Association. It is a very difficult job though. Informers must keep extensive files of missions, current and completed. Informers recieve a generous pay check, although smaller than a contacts wage. Your identity and association with The Association is unknown by most, even close friends. Informers assign the missions to the associates. They must keep track of when and who they assigned the mission to, so that they can easily reassign it if necessary. Essentially, an informer simply records and passes on the information.

Requirements: Good secretarial skills. Honesty.

Associates: An associate is a regular member of The Association. Their jobs are generally low-risk, although it is more dangerous than an informers work. Of course, if an associate constantly takes care of contracts on their own, the risk level could potentially be higher than that of a contacts. The associates are relied upon to find people to take care of the unknown clients contracts. Associates have three days to do so, or it will be reassigned. There are no consequences for failing to find someone to take care of a contract. Unforseen circumstances may have arised.

Requirements: A general list of contacts to hire for client's missions (Veteran associates would be glad to help a new associate make their list). Associates cannot take on a contract for themselves unless their shinobi skills are of equivalent level. To join, you must make contact with a contact.

Rookie associates will take on the easier contracts. Once you are recognized for your skill, your pay may go up. Associates may eventually request position changes to a contact or informer. If granted, a three day trial period will occur. If passed, the position change will be permanent, until the individual requests another change.

If a leave of absence is needed, the individual will contact every member that he knows of, telling them the leave dates. Those members will then tell every member they know. This meens that you may recieve a message from someone you know stating that some random individual that you have never met will be gone from this date to this date. Eventually, the higher-ups will find out, and they will then contact everyone in obscure ways to cease the messages.


Every member is strongly encouraged to wear a cowl or cloak during duty, in order to hide their features.
If it is possible to hide your name, it will be strongly encouraged to do so when on duty at all times. The less members you know, the better.
Members are strongly encouraged to try their hardest to complete an assignment. If it interfers with more pressing matters, then secede the assignment.

Considering the fact that as of now, all members will know each others identities, the strict rules about concealing your identiy will be introduced on release. Most members who join now will probably be in an upper sect of members, who know everyone else in the upper sect, whilst new recruits will be encouraged to know as few members as possible.

That took forever to write. bounce
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Re: The Association

Post by Naruto98 on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:23 pm

i want too join



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