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The FAQ/Q&A Empty The FAQ/Q&A

Post by ashes13 on Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:52 pm

Here's the deal, it is nearly impossible for me to go over the old FAQ and get it all fixed up and put here. Plus, the file that I had it ALL saved in has disappeared :/
So, we will start with the good ole Q&A we had before, those of you who have been around know how this works, but to you newbies it's simple, if you have a question and you don't see the answer here, ask it. I will be updating this main post with people's questions and our answers so that you don't have to go searching through everything.
Anyway, let the games begin.

~You're Questions~

Q: Popolvar - "soooo.... this game will have something like launcher with automatic, periodic updates or just .exe foldier without any updates/patches?"
A: We do not know for sure at this time.

Q: Romanashu - "There will be an rank system, right?"
A: Yes, there will be all the normal ranks of Naruto.

Q: Hawk - "We will have a base for sys requirements? Or will the be sorta established post-alpha?"
A: Post Alpha.

Q: Shiro - "If it will be an rank system, will it be exams to pass from rank to rank or just certain level?"
A: The game has no levels, you will be able to do the exams whenever you feel like signing up. If you have the skills to beat them you progress.

Q: Romanashu - "....the jutsus will be ranked ones , after alpha release?"
A: Yes, some will be ranked.

Q: Konohuro - "You thought at a genjutsu system and if so, how will work?"
A: We aren't fully sure how genjutsu will work yet.

Q: Warvold - "If the game has no leveling system, how are you going to do about the Quests? I mean, some are always more difficult than others, but will be all quests available for every player or does one have to complete some in order to unlock others?"
A: Your rank will decide what missions are available for you, with some exceptions.

Q: Shiro - "if it will be alliances and wars between villages, would it be permanently or the kage(Admin or Player) will change it?"
A: No alliance or war will be permanent, unless it deals with some NPCs, and even then most likely not. The village leaders will be under watch by the country leaders (admins/mods) as well as the village counsel (also admins/mods) but they will be able to forge alliances or wars with other villages/countries.

Q: Warvold - "How are you going to fix the Kage problem, I mean, in the Naruto lore, each village's Kage stays in his position until he dies, and they normally last some decades. If players are going to be Kages, how are you going to fix this problem?
(By the way Ashes, I suggest you make it clear that there're not gonna be Fuumetsu Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegans, in order to avoid big discussions like in the previous forums)"
A: There will be a set period of time for a player to be a leader, then after that there will be competitions for the new leader (much like the chunin exams/all the other exams). The last contender will have to face the current leader to see if they can defeat him. If they can not, then it is up to the country leader and the council to decide if the competitor takes the place of the current leader or not. If he does not, then another competition will be held within another set of time. After that second time period the winner becomes the leader if he defeats the current one or not.

And indeed there will NOT be any sharingan or rinnegan. This is BASED off the Naruto world not a copy (copyright reasons). There will still be eye techniques/blood lines, but not the exact same as the Naruto blood lines.

Q: ppalma - "What about our last ideas in the old forum ?"
A: We no longer need ideas for countries or villages, but when the time comes we will open up a section for clan ideas again.

Q: Romanashu - "After alpha release , it think you guys will create weapons outfits and stuffs ...they will be ranked if so?"
A: Clothing will not be ranked unless it is something for anbu members or kages etc. Weapons will not be ranked because of the "more you use it the better you get at it" system. If you force a genin to start with a "lower ranked" weapon they will not be able to gain experience in the weapon they wish to use.

Q: VulgarWizard - "Will a kage and a genin be able to jump equally high? :3"
A: At this point in time, yes.

Q: PepDJ - "There will a character creation on the Alpha?"
A: No

Q: Warvold - "Will there be blood on the Alpha or on the Full game?"
A: Most likely not, it might be something we decide to work on last minute, but it's not something we are planning on.

Q: PepDJ - "When we die on the game, by war or a fight, our character dies or we can respawn it?"
A: You will re-spawn in a hospital, it will take some time to regain your chakra and full health.

Q: Warvold - "What happens when a missing-nin gets arrested?"
A: We've talked about a jail system, but we're going to have to test some stuff before we're 100% sure.

Q: assassinul57 - "Any player can become a kage?"
A: Yes, any player can become a village leader. Though we have yet to decide if we will limit it to jounin being able to compete

Q: Nasims - "Will there be a storyline or will it just be random events happening in the game world that we as the players will have to partake in?"
A: There will be story, but a lot of the world will revolve around the relationship between different countries. There will be different resources in different countries, and your relationship with that country will decide prices and such. If a war starts that also becomes a new story that will later be in the world's history. You will be able to drive NPC nations back and win battles/wars depending on if your country pushes them back or not.

Q: assassinul57 - "The game will be over 4GB after officially lunch?"
A: We don't know at this point.

Q: Triids - "Will there be the Flying Thunder God technique?"
A: There might be something LIKE it.

Q: NinjaGasher13 - "Is there going to be anything like tailed beasts?"
A: Maybe in the world lore, but not in the current world or anything like jinchuurikis.

Q: assassinul57 - "Will be Transformation Thechnique in game after official release?"
A: They may be different versions/styles of it, but it will not be exactly like it is in the Naruto series.

Q: Ilikenoodles - "Do you guys still not have genjutsu planned out yet? I've a super simple idea for it that's been in my mind since the previous forum, if not."
A: Dr.Acula - As of now we have a basic idea on how to make genjutsu's work, they haven't been our biggest priority over time simply because we've just been focused on getting the game into a working alpha stage first.

Q: Zetsu - "How frequently can we expect updates when the game goes into Alpha?"
A: Dr.Acula - The stages are going to be Dev Alpha > Closed Alpha > Open Alpha. We cant give an estimate on when each stage will be activated, and updated consequently, because it depends on every little variable between what works and what doesn't during each stage.

Q: Ilikenoodles - "Does usings skills pertaining to each category (ninjutsu, genjutsu, ect.) raise that categories stat? Sort of like how using destruction spells in Skyrim raises the destruction stat."
A: Yes.

Q: Ilikenoodles - "Will it be possible to become proficient or even master every 'category' in the game, like in Skyrim?"
A: Yes and no. You can TRY to learn everything, but even if you do you wont be able to use it all at once. You have a set amount of in-game points (lets say 100) that go into the categories you use. For example, if you use ninjutsu and taijutsu all the time and use all your points in those categories, if you start trying to use genjutsu it's going to take the points from ninjutsu and taijutsu. But, if you get to a point that you are happy with your skill points the way they are, you can lock your different skills to keep your points there. You will require a certain amount of points in your different categories to do stuff, so you can technically learn everything, but not use everything.

Q: Ilikenoodles - "Say for example I placed all of my talent points into ninjutsu at the start. Does that just give me a head start in that category, or does it do something else?"
A: It just means you will learn ninjutsu faster/have more power and speed in ninjutsu. Since we seem to be using Skyrim as an example, think of it as like wearing a ring that makes you level your archery skill faster. The points you use at character creation decide how quickly you learn/how naturally good you are at those skills.

Q: Ilikenoodles - "So, is it possible to get more points like the starter ones, or can they be reassigned if you change your mind?"
A: At this point no.

Q: Ilikenoodles - "How long would it take to get all of the 100 points from one 'category' into another 'category'?"
A: We do not know right now, it's something that will have to be worked out in beta testing.

Q: Ilikenoodles - "Say you wanted to get a ratio of 80:20 points into two 'categories'. Won't it be pretty finicky getting that ratio right?
A: Something else that is going to have to be tested, but you are generally going to want points in other categories to help your mains.

Q: Naruto98 - "Can I be in the team?"
A: We have an application for people to fill out and send to us >

Q: Soul Hunter - "Will we have 1 points in all the categories that we can give point or are they going to be 0, and if so then will we have a base chakra/stamina value in the beginning in the game?"
A: Let me answer that with a quote from the game doc
your character's natural strengths and weaknesses
These points do not decide that you will not have chakra but if it will be "boosted" or not basically. The points are basically boosts to the stats you want to use, not putting any points in chakra will only mean that you will start with the basic amount, not that you will have non. This also applies to all the other categories.

Q: Soul Hunter - "I'd also like to ask what would the "rewards" be that are planned for donators? If this has been planned, any idea on this case also discussed?"
A: They will be things like different special clothing items and possibly weapon skins (would not change anything besides the look of the weapon they are applied to) and different cosmetic stuff like that. All the rewards will not give donators any extra in-game power, just different things to make them stand out or be somewhat special looking. (MAYBE some kind of donator building to hang out in as well)

Q: StalkerSan - "At 30 of this month, is the closed alpha or the open ?? I mean will we be all able to join or not?"
A: Sadly, we are not going to make the deadline. But when alpha is finished it will be dev > closed > open.

Q: Saitou - "If i chose not to spend any talent points on stamina and improved stamina [ same for chakra ] solely by training, will that make any difference on the final outcome ? Will spending points on either Stamina or Chakra boost them moreover ?"
A: Dr.Acula - A lot of people seem to misunderstand the purpose of the stat system

The stats do NOT dictate your OVERALL ability throughout the entirety of the game. They only dictate just HOW much better off you will be in the beginning, along with slightly increasing how quickly you are capable of gaining that specific stat over time.

For example, you put 40 points in ninjutsu and 60 in intelligence. Your intelligence gives you a slight boost in how quickly you can understand and learn things, and you ninjutsu is boosted and gives you a slightly faster mastering and learning rate.

So for your example, if you choose to spend points in stamina, you will get a slightly faster boost in how much stamina you gain over time along with a natural ability to conserve that stamina in order to do things more often, such as dashing or dodging.

The same idea for chakra. The more points you put in it, the faster your gaining of chakra will be over time, and how much more you'll be able to conserve

If you DONT put points in it, this doesn't mean you wont have ANY stamina or chakra at all, it just means you wont gain those particular stats as quickly or as effectively as people that DO put points in them.

Q: Popolovar - "what is diference between dev alpha and closed alpha If i undersstood in dev alpha are "playing" the game just devs,admins,coders,programmers etc... But who are, in closed?
If i infer right, in closed are only few more "players" as in dev version,and they are choosen from "not part of team" please if is my deduction right, who will select the players for closed alpha?? and what to do to persuade him/her for choosing ME? ^_^"
A: The team members will be choosing people for closed alpha, and there is nothing you can do to make us pick you. The reason for closed alpha is to have a controlled amount of people, who aren't us, test it.

Q: Popolovar - "could you create a video about taijutsu combat 1v1 or it will be just I clicked first my combo strike first and you cannot do anything during this combo...?"
A: Combos are nothing more than a certain amount of kicks or punches leader to a larger taijutsu attack, they are not required nor necessary. Say you set up a combo of 2 kicks and a punch to lead to a large round house kick of sorts, that's all the combo system is, a build up to larger attacks.
As far as making a video it's not going to happen for quite a while.

Q: Warvold - "Are there going to be cloaks?
If yes, may I suggest that they don't just cover the backs (like in world of warcraft for example, those look plain stupid) but the shoulders aswell. Also, if they are going to be hooded cloaks, you should make an option to be with hood or without hood"
A: Yes, there will be cloaks. There will probably be several versions, and hooded ones might conceal your name and stuff like that for stealth reasons etc.

Q: ppalma - "will we have special missions between allied villages ?"
A: Yes, especially during war times.

Q: ppalma - "How will be the diplomacy system between villages ?"
A: It's really hard to explain how the entire system will work without just writing that entire section of the game document here.... But if you ask me about different parts of the system I will gladly try to explain it. (Also something I am working on for the game doc)

Q: ppalma - "Guilds/Organizations will have a specific objective and special events ?"
A: Hopefully yes, but it would be more like missions that we would want to customize to affect different types of groups in their own way. For example, a for fun guild could get race missions etc, while a more protective style guild could get guarding missions. Events would probably be like the chunin exams only guild competitions.

Q: Zetsu - "Can we expect the element of stealth to be present once the game is complete? If this is like any other mmo, names show up above people's heads, you can press tab to target the closest enemy, and the player leaves a huge imprint with their actions. Has the development team taken preventative measures to ensure combat isn't based on pure fighting power but also on the ability to surprise your opponent? It's not easy to do this in a third-person game if I understand correctly, for example you can look forwards and backwards at the same time :S."
A: You name will not appear for enemies (aka players from other villages you are not allied with, and missing nin etc.). There will also be ways to hide your name from friendly players and there will be areas to hide in. We do hope to make stealth a factor in the game.

Q: ppalma - "How will be determined the question of alliance or enemy. Guild Master's votes? Only best ninja (Kage) vote? or all players of each village vote ?"
A: The village leaders will be the ones who decide alliances (with the guidance of the council aka admins/mods) If a guild wishes to become allies with another guild that is up to them, but if they are from an enemy village the game will not see them as friendlies.

Q: ppalma - "Will be Neutral village Status ? like for example Konoha and Kiri."
A: Yes.

Q: ppalma - "If you guys use the vote system and two villages are allied you still can attack the village members or we will be unable to attack during the time they are allied ? (If we attack the status will change to enemy ofc.)"
A: The vote system will not be used, but if you can attack allies/friendlies by right clicking them and marking either just them as an enemy or their village as a whole, this is a way for you to become a missing nin. (This may change somewhat in the future)

Q: ppalma - "We will be able to form a guild with diferent village players like a International bla bla bla thing ?"
A: Yes, but it might be hard because of village alliances etc.

Q: m4r1us - "Will there be Summoning jutsu or anything similar to it?If so will you be able to chose a contract with any animal you want or you will have one picked for you?"
A: There will be jutsu similar to it, but it's not decided if it will be randomly pick for you or if you will pick it. (Most likely you will pick it)

Q: m4r1us - "Is it possible to cast jutsus or throw a kunai/shuriken while in mid air?"
A: Yes.

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The FAQ/Q&A Empty Re: The FAQ/Q&A

Post by ashes13 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:13 pm

Hawk wrote:Hey ashes. If some of the forum users already know the answers to the questions can we answer a few?


Your questions have been answered and moved to the main post.

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The FAQ/Q&A Empty Re: The FAQ/Q&A

Post by Zetsu on Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:05 pm

In regards to Guilds having alliances and such, will you be able to identify other players that your guild is allied with. Since we are not able to identify players from other villages, how will we know if the player from the other village is allied with us or not? Will there be guild/clan cloaks or something similar?

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The FAQ/Q&A Empty Re: The FAQ/Q&A

Post by Saitou on Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:36 pm

You name will not appear for enemies (aka players from other villages you are not allied with, and missing nin etc.) it's clear for the village, you will be able to see one's name.

for the guild alliance, it could be done simply by changing the color of the guild's name for those who you are allied with to something like purple or so.

Not a big issue.

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The FAQ/Q&A Empty Re: The FAQ/Q&A

Post by Zetsu on Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:18 pm

Saitou wrote:You name will not appear for enemies (aka players from other villages you are not allied with, and missing nin etc.) it's clear for the village, you will be able to see one's name.

for the guild alliance, it could be done simply by changing the color of the guild's name for those who you are allied with to something like purple or so.

Not a big issue.

Ok cool, I just wanted clarification, ty.

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The FAQ/Q&A Empty Re: The FAQ/Q&A

Post by Sasori on Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:40 pm

I'm well aware that the alpha didn't make the deadline, although could we get a status update as to get an idea where you guys stand with the game? We're dying to know.
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The FAQ/Q&A Empty Re: The FAQ/Q&A

Post by Konohuro on Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:28 pm

After you'll find an animator how long will take to launch the game?

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The FAQ/Q&A Empty Re: The FAQ/Q&A

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